Thursday, December 9, 2010

Web alternatives to desktop software

It is incredible how web based applications have evolved, web based applications are in a stage that they can certainly be complete alternatives to desktop software.

Web based applications have several advantages over desktop software, some of these advantages are:

*Most of them are free to use.
*You do not need to install nothing.
*You can use them anywhere.
*They are safer than desktop applications

you would be amazed to see all the smooth applications web developers have managed to create using technologies such as: Flash, Javascript, Java, Perl/PHP/Python/Ruby.

Since I'm a huge fan of web based applications I have decided to make a list of the best web applications that can completely replace desktop software.
Picnik is an amazing photo editor you can use for free, it is a web based alternative to Photoshop and paint.
Media converter will help you convert your media formats.
Most desktop media converters are shareware, is totally free so go nuts!
Snipshot is another great alternative to Photoshop.
Some times is necessary to send snips of information, but it could be very annoying if you have to mail it to some one or send them a txt file, that is why pastebin is the perfect alternative to notepad, you can paste anything and pass the randomly generated link! is the best brainstorming application I have come across, it is extremely easy to use.
You might have already heard about Meebo, Meebo is an online alternative to many chat clients, including yahoo chat, MSN messenger ,etc.
Google docs is the best web alternative to Microsoft Office and Open Office, I feel extremely comfortable using it and it is ten times easier to share your docs.
web alternatives to desktop software

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